The Interview – Movie of the Week

The Interview is a movie that will be remembered not for the film itself, but instead for the situation surrounding its release. At this point I’m sure you are aware of everything that has gone on in with the movie these past few weeks, so I’m not going to bother reviewing that information. The main question to ask at this point is whether or not The Interview was worth all of the trouble it caused? Unfortunately I have to say that it was not.

The Interview was not a bad movie, it was a mediocre comedy that had some decent moments but overall was nothing special. The movie really does nothing with its unique premise and it fails to say anything meaningful about the situation in North Korea or about media entertainment. The movie is content to spend its run time with typical frat boy/stoner humor, just nothing unique or noteworthy to set itself apart.

Seth Rogen does a decent job in the film, however James Franco’s character Dave Skylark is simply over the top and obnoxious. The story features some humorous dialogue and a few funny scenes but again nothing that really stands out or that will get me to highly recommend the movie. Thankfully because the movie was pulled from most major theater chains and instead received a digital home release you can rent the movie for a few dollars from most major retailers, so if you are really interested in seeing The Interview it won’t cost you too much. Maybe it’s a film that is best enjoyed with an audience, so get together a few friends and watch it together and maybe you’ll enjoy it a bit more than I did.

3/5 Popcorn buckets

You can pick it up on iTunes or Amazon.

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  1. I’d have to agree with the majority of this. To say James’ role was annoying though. I thought it was fantastic.
    The beginning of the movie started off fantastic and I found myself laughing hysterically. The end it just completely trailed off and left me wanting more.

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