About Us

Who are we?

We are gamers, tech enthusiasts, football fans, book worms, comic book nerds, movie lovers, television addicts, audiophiles, board game pros, and fans who are still mourning having twenty years of expanded universe lore thrown in the trash like a light saber cutting through our arm. We are all geeks of different subjects brought together by our passion for sharing and exploring these things.

Why are we here?

We are here to share our love of these things through the internet, lending our voices to the stream. We want to share our knowledge and passion of these items with the world. We want to help inform on topics that may be confusing or unclear. We want the help curate the web for you, and share the cool things that may have been missed or that we think are of note. We want to share the things that excite us and the things that leave us disappointed. We want to speculate on the things to come and dream of what the future will bring.

Where do we stand ethically?

We believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We may have strong opinions that you don’t agree with and that is fine; often we don’t agree with each other. We are trying to share our thoughts in an open-minded manner and will take all sides into consideration. We are always open to conversations through the many mediums available for such things. Everything we publish is something that we really think, and that we truly believe. We are not being payed to say anything or promote any products, though we may use affiliate links on our site.